I was born in England. My parents then moved to Greece briefly before settling in Canada, where we lived until I was 9, when back to England we returned. I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire, a medium sized town slightly north of Bristol and a couple of hours from London. This is the area I have lived in since returning to Britain.

My interests lie primarily in figuring out how to live the life I want to live; one that is free and fulfilling. I love being creative, with music being my main focus. And on the other hand I am getting politically active through campaign work. Both of these areas allow me to pursue my desired life, and I would like to inspire and facilitate others to pursue their’s.

I live with my mother at the moment as a result of not having a large enough income to support myself.

I left college when I was 16 or 17 as I wasn’t doing a course that inspired me and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. At this time I was working as a sound tech at a performing arts centre where my father worked (it was down to him I got the job). This was doing sound for the occasional gig and basic maintenance on the PA. After quitting this I worked for a few months at a bronze sculpture foundry, which wasn’t right for me either.

I then went travelling. First, I went to Cornwall and stayed with a friend, then went to New York for 2 months, then back home for a while. Soon after, I decided to go back to my old home in Canada to see it again. From there I went to stay with family friends in San Francisco. I then went back to Canada and back to San Francisco again (due to my visa expiring). I was lucky to have some work in San Francisco, but when the recession hit in 2008 the work dried up. So I went to New York in the hope of staying with a musician I met on my previous trip. When I got there and found him he agreed to let me stay for a few nights, but we had a big argument and he told me to leave. I walked away with no ill-feelings towards him, and even sympathised with his anger. I am not perfect, and that argument helped me to see certain things more clearly. But suddenly I found myself homeless.

I did not want to go home as I held a vain hope that I could pull myself from homelessness alone, just me and my guitar. So I lived homeless in New York City for 9 months. This was difficult and inspiring at the same time.

I met a woman at that time and we began a relationship. She was homeless too, by choice. Eventually, due to the onset of severe winter weather, we decided to go stay with her sister, who had offered us the shelter of her house. She lived on Long Island. We then moved to a rented room in a house in Brooklyn and separated soon after, since I went to Michigan to do a healing course. I remember her as an intelligent and spirited woman who had a positive effect on my life. Money sent from home supported me after getting off the street.

While in Michigan I decided I had to go home to England, though I first visited my mother’s home town in Ontario, Canada, where old friends of her’s put me up.

Having been back for about 7 years I am still working to carve out a life for myself. It has been a struggle to find the direction I want to go, but finally I have made my decision to focus on music and politics. I aim to earn an income from music production.