I am a member of UKIP.


It is important that the people have a say in the legislation that is implemented. Through our MPs we do have a say, but this could be extended through more referenda. Certain legislation could be subject to public votes before becoming law. Parliament and the Government would decide which legislation would be subject to the ballot box.

Money Creation

Currently, the vast majority of money (about 97%) is created by commercial banks through the process of them making loans. Only about 10% of this lending goes into the real (productive) economy, which contributes to GDP.

The power to create money should be transferred from commercial banks to the Bank of England. With the oversight of Parliament and direction from the Treasury this system would make the publicly minded execution of money creation possible.

This proposal has been developed by Positive Money and is summarised in a 2016 paper.

Social Justice

The primary issue of social justice facing us today is that of child sexual abuse. This is an horrific and wholly unacceptable crime, which is unfortunately not being tackled with the vigour that it warrants. There are allegations that people in positions of authority who are involved with the practise are thwarting attempts to address the issue.

Climate Change

The postulated threat of major anthropologically driven climate change is an issue which pulls attention away from provable environmental challenges, such as over-usage of pesticides, dangers of GMOs and pollution of the oceans. There is still much debate and scientific exploration to be carried out with regard to the climate patterns of this planet, and it is not in our interest to allow the UN sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to have the last word on the reality of the very complex and not fully understood mechanisms that dictate these patterns.

The Global Climate Models were never designed to be used to seriously predict the future climate, and have not been through the testing and validation procedures that would normally be imposed on models that are being used to direct real policies. They have been off on all their predictions since they started making predictions nearly 30 years ago.


Immigration should be controlled. A nation state maintains its sense of sovereignty through controlled immigration.

When millions of people are leaving their home countries, this is a sign that something deep is not right. For example, the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy has resulted in several African countries having their indigenous fishermen pushed out of the market by industrial European fishing fleets. And it is known from a leaked 2016 UK Department for International Development document that foreign aid funds are ending up in the hands of terrorists. Additionally, our support for rebels in Syria has driven the conflict rather than mitigated it. The state of Syria now is certainly worse than it would have been had we not intervened on the side of the insurrection, regardless of Assad’s policies.

People want to live happily in their home countries. We should be ensuring we are not destabilising countries through our foreign policy. Support should be given primarily through diplomatic means, with money given only where specifically necessary. Military intervention should only ever be embarked upon with a comprehensive plan.


I support withdrawal from the EU for the reason that the level of democracy we have achieved has taken centuries to evolve to the stage we are at now; it is a step backwards to devolve so much decision-making power to the undemocratic EU.